Central Project 01: REDOX-PROTEOMICS


With the Z01 Project: REDOX-PROTEOMICS the Collaborative Research Center has gained a powerful tool for the efficient identification of redox induced proteome changes and protein modifications. To achieve this goal the team has established a center for multidimensional gel electrophoresis and protein mass spectrometry that is accessible for all projects within the SFB. In the field of multidimensional gel electrophoresis not only conventional but also specialized newly developed native and denaturing techniques are provided. The nano-LC/LTQ-Orbitrap XL ETD system affords several fragmentation strategies and mass spectrometric processes, to cover the multiple requirements for the mass spectrometric analysis that results from the diversity of projects within the SFB. Intense interdisciplinary collaboration within the SFB will also lead to the development of new methods and strategies for the detection and characterization of redox-dependent protein modifications.

The spectrum of samples analyzed within the subprojects of the SFB ranges from specific model proteins exposed to reactive oxygen species to the analysis of proteomic changes of whole cells or tissues. Correlating physiological state and protein modification, the mechanisms of redox signaling can be elucidated on a molecular level. The identification of novel redox-dependent protein modifications permits insight into the mechanisms of redox signaling.


Principal Investigators

Dr. Ilka Wittig

Goethe University | Faculty of Medicine
Functional Proteomics
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7 I 60590 Frankfurt

Phone: 069-6301-4180


Dr. Juliana Heidler

Phone: 069-6301-6933


Jana Meisterknecht (TA)

Phone: 069-6301-6933