Project 14


Nox4-dependent mechanisms in neuropathic pain and pruritus signaling cascades

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Wiebke Kallenborn-Gerhardt
Pharmacological Institute, Natural Science
Goethe University Frankfurt/Main

Research Area:

Pharmacology, Pain Research, Inflammation Research


In this research project we will characterize Nox4-dependent pathways in sensory neurons after peripheral nerve injury and during itch processing. For this purpose, we will characterize the expression and function of potential Nox4 downstream targets (S100A4 and ApoE) in the peripheral nerve system, and we will investigate Nox4-dependent regeneration processes after peripheral nerve injury. Furthermore, we will characterize Nox4/cGKIα-dependent redox signaling during itch processing. The major goal is to establish new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of neuropathic pain and pruritus.


Institute of Clinical Pharmacology (