Project 03


Redox regulation of the Nox2 and B7-H1 mRNA stability

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. Andreas von Knethen
Institute of Biochemistry I
Goethe University Frankfurt /Main

Research Area:

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Experimental Medicine


Our previous studies identified the mRNA stability as a target of redox regulation. First goal of our project is the identification of the RNA binding protein (RBP) that regulates the sB7-H1 mRNA stability (RNA-IP and MS, COOP. Z01 project). Followed by the regulatory and functional analysis of the RBP. Second goal is the characterization of the potential redox regulation of the RBP SYNCRIP, identified in our previous studies as a NOX2-mRNA binding protein. Afterwards we use the established sepsis mouse model to investigate how the alteration of the expression of the analyzed RBPs, can modulate the expression of their target genes and whether this has an influence on the course of the desease.


Institute of Biochemistry I (