Project 06


Redox-regulation of integrin-matrix contacts during cell adhesion and migration

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. Johannes Eble
Department of Vascular Matrix Biology, Center for Molecular Medicine
Goethe University Frankfurt/Main

Research Area:

Molecular Medicine, Protein Chemistry, Cell Biology


Integrins are essential components of cell-matrix contacts and have been shown to be redox-regulated. To further investigate the molecular mechanism, we plan to mutate redox-relevant cysteine residues in the integrin α7β1. Cell-matrix contacts are gathered in „redox hot spots“ that are structurally and temporally characterized by increased H2O2 production. We plan to analyze the interplay between integrin-matrix contacts and these redox hot spots at the protein and cell biological level. To examine their role in a physiological context, we investigate the generation of lacunes and neurite outgrowth of osteoclasts and neurons, respectivly.