Project Overview

The initiative examines redox regulated processes associated with the availability of oxygen, ROS (reactive oxygen species), NO (nitric oxide), H2S (hydrogen sulfide), while bridging from generating systems to functional consequences. Besides formation of redox-active signals, we also investigate physiological and pathophysiological consequences at the cellular and systemic level. Accordingly, the individual projects of the Collaborative Research Center are organized in a vertical and mechanistic manner.

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Involved facilities

Goethe University Frankfurt, Faculty of Medicine

Preclinical Institutes
* Institute of Cardiovascular

* Institute of Neurophysiology

* Institute of Biochemistry I

* Institute of Biochemistry II

* Functional Proteomic
* Institute of General
   Pharmacology and Toxicology

* Institute for Exerimental Cancer
   Research in Pediatrics

* Institute of Clinical

* Institute for Vascular Signalling
Clinical Departments
* Medical Clinic II: Hematology
   and Oncology
Faculty 14 Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy

* Pharmaceutical Institute,
    Natural Science

* Institute for Tumor Biology
   and Experimental Therapy